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At Christopher J. Byrne PLLC, matters of international taxation are all we do. Our expertise has been bringing people into compliance with new IRS rules on foreign investments, that threaten the wealth of millions of high net worth taxpayers with a US filing obligation.

Christopher J. Byrne has been practicing in the field of international taxation and cross border estate planning as a Certified Public Accountant for over 20 years and as an Attorney at Law for over 15 years.  This dual perspective on your unique situation gives our firm an insight and capability that few others can match.

High net worth individuals and their advisors from around the world trust us to be discrete and thorough, and to offer them every legal option possible to avoid the unnecessary tax burden than comes with being an international citizen.

Not only can we expertly navigate the complexities of international taxation but we can fight for you in tax court if required.  More likely, our legal knowledge and experience will keep you out of court and keep your assets and wealth protected to a degree you may not have thought possible.

As an experienced Certified Public Accountant, who is also engaged in the practice of law, Mr. Byrne is often called upon by other CPAs, attorneys and financial advisors to assist them and their clients with tax and estate planning matters. This “team approach” has proven to be very efficient, particularly on matters when attorney-client privilege is needed and often extends to other areas such as probate, estate administration and tax controversies.

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